Ecigs Regulation Article

October 30, 2015 DJLsb Vapes 3 comments

I Think E-cigs SHOULD be regulated but that should be done by actually qualified scientists – not someone who either willfully or through incompetence misuse statistics.

3 Comments on “Ecigs Regulation Article

  1. I accept that as an industry there needs to be standards that should be reached; anyone selling e-liquid should be required to certify that the contents are safe and of a high quality; anyone selling vape gear, ie batteries,mods,tanks etc should do everything to ensure that the products they sell are safe for the purpose they are being sold for. I do not believe that any government, medical board, or tobacco company should govern the industry as it is outwith their remit; I have no problem with the vape industry employing scientists to support the facts, however it is quite clear that big tobacco,pharma,govt will continue to consider any information not provided by their own “experts” as hearsay, and will continue to strive to gaining overall control. This is why we as consumers and sellers of vape related product need to stay on our toes, and make sure that we have a say in any decision process to ensure that “they” don’t get to tell us what and how we can vape, and the fight goes on in every country of the world. Stay aware and don’t think “I’m not into politics – I’ll leave it to someone else” because that way will mean that your future/health will be decided for you.