Now what Efest, can you admit you sell crap rewraps now?

November 17, 2015 DJLsb Vapes 5 comments

5 Comments on “Now what Efest, can you admit you sell crap rewraps now?

  1. I don’t understand why people buy these “off” brands we need more battery education. Most of the time they are second quality of the original, re-wrapped, specs inflated and sold for more than the first quality original authentic batteries.

  2. Obviously the users lack of appropriate knowledge regarding how mech hybrid mods operate was the reason for his misuse of that device. It appears he just put a tank addy on a tube mech mod without understanding that this can be very dangerous if the 510 pin on the addy is not protruding and fixed in position. This is no doubt a very common mistake among new tube mod users. This can only be rectified vy the sellers of these devices by their providing adequate safety information to purchasers, which unfortunately if often lacking. This travesty should not be allowed to continue as ultimately it will result in very draconian regulations from the government that will impact all vapers around the world. Lets get real vendors and du your part to fully educate purchasers of such hybrid unregulated products. Battery manufacturers and vendors should not sell batteries that do not have safety release caps that prevent shorts from exploding their battery cases. Period……….Alaskavaper