HUGE 20K Subscribers Giveaway

April 7, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 54 comments

HUGE 20K Subscribers Giveaway


CLOSED, Winners

54 Comments on “HUGE 20K Subscribers Giveaway

  1. Ok now it let me log in Daniel. I don’t know I will try and change the temporary password again. I did everything for the giveaway and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and I already follow you on Instagram. So I should have maximum entries. Thank you so very much!! Also how much do you think shipping will cost? That way if I win I can save the money to pay for shipping! Thank you!!!

  2. Daniel, I did something stupid and I don’t know if it effects my entries, I shared on facebook and twitter and g+ then I got to the bottom and realized I hadn’t signed into your web site yet, so I did share…

  3. Thanks so much for the great giveaway and great products that you do such a great review on you do a excellent job checking and reviewing you are very technical its great thanks for all you do and I enjoyed meeting you in detroit it was a real pleasure keep up the amazing work

  4. I have learned much from you my friend. Your hard work and fine presentations truly deserve rising subs. Cream always rises to the top. I have shared using the soxial network icons that you provided.

  5. Daniel. Every time I enter my email it says I’ve unsubscribe I hope I’m still subscribed. Been following you for sometime now and really appreciate your indepth reviews. I always search to see if you’ve covered the products I’m thinking of buying to see if you’ve reviewed them because I greatly respect your point of view. I would be so disappointed if I missed out on such a generous and truly awesome give away. I hope I’m in???

  6. Sweet giveaway Daniel. You videos are one of the best. Love how you break everything down and do builds. And also give the accuracy charts. Keeps up the great work and I will always be following. Love the website too ALOT of useful information between here and your channel. ❤

  7. Lots of reviewers out there, but I have to give it to daniel. Great layout on his videos. I like to see the quality and how mods are put together. like to know if it performs like it says it will. I am just getting in to temp control and higher wattage vaping. I watch everyday and his videos and website are teaching me alot about proper safety. keep the videos coming.

    1. I have to agree if you want to know your MOD’s in and out, up and down, Daniels is by far the top dog! I wouldn’t have bought my Cuboid if not for Daniels review! I know it’s put together good and it will do what it’s made to do! Thank you for all you do Daniel and a huge congrats on the 20K subs, you kick ass buddy!!

  8. Thanks Daniel for all your reviews. they are clear, clean, objectif and very helpful.
    I enter the giveaway even if I don’t khow if a moroccan subscriber can win.
    but anyway thanks again for all your help.
    I’m already a winner