Behind the Scenes with Sigelei

June 12, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 23 comments

Hell, here is one of the advantages of being a subscriber of my website, you get to know how companies such as Sigelei don’t care about the customers or doing things right, is all about the money…

Do I have to say, no more replies from them?


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23 Comments on “Behind the Scenes with Sigelei

  1. I’m SO confused. I haven’t been able to find a REAL explanation of this Sigelei/AsMODus stuff anywhere. For example, there’s a Minikin I’ve seen that goes to 90w but I’ve seen another than goes to 120w. I’ve read AsMODus males the 120 but Sig makes the 90….I have no idea what’s up. All I know is I won’t buy from Sigelei OR AsMODus unless you, Daniel, prove one of their products is worth owning. Right now, I have an OG Sig 50wVR2, OG Sig 100w+, and OG Sig 150w. These mods are SOLID and I’ve had them since the day they came out. I snatched up the Sig 75wTC when it came out, thinking “hey! This is Sigelei! It’ll be a great pocket mid!” Nope. Piece of crap. SUCKelei and ASSmodus can both drop out of the game. I also fell prey to a purple Snow Wolf mini. The TC is just horrid. Traded it right off. Eff Sig and ASS.

  2. I eluded to this a couple weeks back on Instagram and tagged you; as well as some other reviewers HOPING someone would take it upon themselves to do the right thing. Thank you Daniel. This is what needs to be done. I’ve reached out to Sigelei for over a month and had zero response. I’ve been posting in Reddit about these issues, only to be ridiculed and downvoted. The issue is, selling a product advertising a set of functions AS WELL as having a warranty. It’s actually illegal in the US to refuse warranty service as well as selling a mod that could potentially be unsafe. While I know there is “bigger fish to fry”, we as consumers should not just accept what the companies decide to sell us. If this was your cellphone, would you accept wifi not working? No. Stand up and say enough is enough. Daniel-again-thank you for having the balls and more importantly, the integrity to publish the truth. Much respect

  3. Thank you Daniel. Such a pleasure to have such an honest reviewer. We need to keep companies in this industry honest especially with the fight we are having to keep vaping around as it is today. You have my 100% support and hopefully support from all your subscribers. Keep up the great work.

  4. I too was on the fence in regard to purchasing the 213 or shall I say the 155, I loved the design but if it doesn’t work properly it’s a no go. Your reviews are thorough and non biased and I totally appreciate the massive amount of time you must put in in making them. Obrigado!

  5. I am glad we have people willing to put the work in to not only extremely accurate reviews, but also willing to communicate with the companies to fix their issues. The fuchai 213 is probably gone to be a piece of crap too. They had a good design but it was a bad move to release a product that does not function as advertised. Thank you Daniel for looking out for the vaping community.

  6. Thank you Daniel for been the voices of the consumer, I won’t buy anymore products from Sigelei they are dead to me; is not only about to fix it on the next product but they need to recall the many mods already sold on my opinion.

  7. You tell’em Daniel! This is one of many reasons your viewers like you and respect your opinions! !Truth! That’s so sad rather then ask what to do to fix problem they ask you to remove video.. shady! Then they threaten to not send you devices….shady! Sigele, you’re loosing customers so fast you don’t even realize! Part of me wonders if new management? They are pulling low-end new company shady bs.
    1) They shoulda put someone with ability to communicate and do something in touch with you. It just deepens the bs by contacting you in this manor. 2) They should ask what they need to do and express what they will do…not ask you to remove an honest video and then make threats. Keep it up Daniel, your sincerity and in depth honest reviews keep vapers from wasting money and safe!

  8. Only ever owned the 150w tc, and as functionally great as it was, I hated the shape, size, outer finish and shitty, warped battery cover. Sold it and bought a Cuboid. I’ve since bought a 2nd Cuboid for a backup, and an SXK Zero Mini for “nights out”.. Point being, I’ve yet to, nor will I ever own another Sigelei product… Overpriced. Under-deliver.