​Clarification and Final Statement about Sigelei Situation

June 13, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 13 comments

Clarification and Final Statement about Sigelei Situation



Sigelei has released a statement about the YouTube comment and the threats and offenses on facebook regarding regarding my Sigelei 213 Review:  www.facebook.com/SIGELEI.ecigarette/posts/971076323005041:0


Well, I don’t really know where to start with this,


if I start with the fact that Sigelei just released a clarification statement with so much atention to detail that to appear legit they added a stamp to it that I’m so used to see from all kinds of vaping companies and everyone can easily find just by searching on google images section for “chinese invoice stamp”,


If I start by saying how bad I feel by all the people thretened and ofended all over facebook posts by Song Kevin aparentelly Sigelei employee and now having them denny having to do with sigelei specially to people who contact sigelei directelly,


If I start by saying that I made myself available to open a thread on google support to really find the autenticity of that Sigelei youtube profile and now I don’t really care about it specially because sigelei saying they don’t have any official youtube account but when we search for sigelei aplying the filter for channels we find a bunch of aparentelly Sigelei youtube accounts and employees like the one who thretened and ofended people,


If I start by expressing the hanger I feel by being asked more then 1 time on Skype to remove a video I uploaded on youtube expressing my own opinions based on facts on a device that as allways took so many hours to do,


If I start by apologising to all the unsatisfied users because I’m unable to help you all, unsatisfied vendors and distributors for the fact that sigelei changed the warranty terms not allowing anyone to return their product even if faulty, and even vendors and distributors who expressed to me all of the above are the reasons they don’t carry Sigelei products anymore,


If I start by expressing how tired I am now, trying to keep up with all of this,


Or if I start by expressing my apologies for the fact that this is already derailing my life and time managed between my full time job and upcoming reviews so this is going to delay upcoming reviews of other products some that actually deserve all my attention, well at least I already had 1 finnished on queue to become public.


My anger and espressions here will also be based on the facts:


– Sigelei lied to all the consumers over rating devices that don’t provide what people pay for.


– Sigelei does not respect clients or vendors not assisting their products because they know better then anyone that the clients and vendors have pleanty of reasons to complain.


– Sigelei lied to Mooch about their battery ratings and the switching of the cells used under the wraps without notice showed him that their interests in safety are not always a priority and I care a lot about safety and I respect Mooch work on batteries a lot.


– I’ve been lied to multiple times by more than one of these companies along with other reviewers I talk with.


– Even if we discount the YouTube posts, we still have Song Kevin comments disrespecting people on my original review post on my facebook profile page and the Skype discussions with Sigelei, a device that doesn’t work as advertised, and a long list of people and shops who have been treated poorly by Sigelei.


Quoting Battery Mooch “Who would thought that Efest would have three newly released 18650 batteries with accurate ratings? ESYB also just released and accurately rated 18650 battery. Together, we can have an effect. Together, this community can make a difference. Calling out the companies who exaggerate ratings, misrepresent the available features, and fail to do even the most basic of beta testing should be an important part of what our community does. Even for the devices we still like in spite of their flaws.” I will add Kangertech case that after my review on the KBOX 200 proving not to do more then 160W and the really poor paint used aparentelly they came up with the KBOX 160 with no paint, only SS finish…


I welcome your feedback and any questions or concerns you’d like to share and I also thank every single one on this comunity for getting together making me feel much better since I was mainly worried with all the threats being the 1st time this was happening to me and not knowing what to do, I was really lost with all the threats coming on youtube and facebook at the same time.


Thank you for your time!


But since I seen so many people together on this subject and so many people against bad practices being together defending me and the entire situation, I want to take this opportunity of having so many people watching me on this matter to ask every single one of you to do something that Sigelei doesn’t do like other companies, joining the front line defending vaping, I will ask you to please defend vaping not only focusing mainly in yourself and knowing you will survive with the many devices you may have and possibly DIY’ing but mainly focused on how many more lives we can save, because after all, Vaping is still about Tobacco Harm Reduction and to me that is still the most important, so please right now is so important that of course you join CASAA and all the other organisations if you haven’t done yet and please Go to august8th.org and send an (another) email to your senators and representative telling them to support HR2058 and the Cole-Bishop amendment. Even if you’ve already done this, keep letting them know how important this is to you!

No need to look up e-mail addresses and a sample letter is already provided for you. Though it is much, MUCH better if you use a few sentences of your own experiences.

While sending it just once is good, sending one out each week is a lot better. Just a few minutes each week could make a difference for years to come!



Thank you to all, from the bottom of my heart!!!



Captura de ecrã 2016-06-12, às 06.23.29

Here because of all the critics I test different devices with the same set of LG HB6 Batteries do you think I’m doing something incorrect?,

 IMG_8644 IMG_8645 IMG_8647IMG_8648 IMG_8649 IMG_8650

And here to all of you receiving the sigeley responses saying that the youtube account isn’t their account and the guy doesn’t work for them,

Facebook Chat

Another curious fact, Sigelei is coming with the sigelei J155 and then on the description say’s it has the same chip as the sigelei 213

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13 Comments on “​Clarification and Final Statement about Sigelei Situation

  1. Thank you Daniel, for having the strength and fortitude to address this issue and do what is right as a reviewer. Not bowing down to threats and expressing a honest, thorough review that showed the facts. Don’t allow this situation to consume anymore of your time. Sigelei is exposed now and the word is getting out on how Sigelei treats its customers, supporters and reviewers, that in and of itself shows this is a company this community should NOT support. There are “bigger fish to fry” and we all need to move on to band together to save vapings future, join CASAA, support hr2058 & Cole/Bishop bill while expressing our intentions to our local representatives. Vapings future is in our hands-its time to give back and fight for a healthier lifestyle we all deserve to have.

  2. Daniel 1st i want to say i applaud you for sticking to your guns. Not taking down the video and just being being a good reviewer. 2ndly sigelei doesnt have any ability to bring a lawsuit against you especially if they sent you the product for review but even if they didnt send it they still have no basis for a law suit. Its sad that they have an employee like song kevin working for them, i think he should be fired for his actions. You do a great job Daniel, keep doing what you do!

  3. Thanks for the review an telling the truth about what you have found just wish now they would recall or replace the ones that are bad for ovef 100 buckd like what I paid for mine 109 an change would be the right thing to do I guess next time ill wait a lil longer b4 I pay that much again an make sure It does what it says its supposed to thanks Daniel for not letting them bully you

  4. Daniel I always trusted you as a reviewer and I still do, I think it’s low on Sigelei to try threathen you to take down your video, one thing is they don’t agree with you but the other thing is Bull they should admit thier fault and try to put a mod out that lives up to the specs instead of throwing it onthe street just to make money

    Be sure of one thing Daniel i’m behind you 100%

  5. Daniel, you are a stand up guy, who always delivers in depth tehnical reviews, for us as a community. I’ve followed you for quite sometime now and always value your input! Companies should listen to reviewers like you and make their products better, NOT threaten. That is complete bullshit and despicable behaviour on their part! I know some companies have listened to you and improved, and they have my respect for that. Sigeleis behaviour is shameful!
    Huge thanks for standing your ground and showing you won’t be either bought or threatened into submission!
    Here’s a manly akward hug from one of the few swedes on Vaporium :D.
    Stand tall mate!

  6. I was on the fence about which mod to buy and was really considering a Sigelei because I have never owned one before. The price of the 213 was not great but the Fuchai 213 (cheaper version) was on my radar. Not anymore. I just purchased the Smok H-Priv and Micro TFV4 Kit and wanted to thank you for helping us all navigate all the choices that are out there. VAPE ON

  7. Daniel aka DJLSB we have your back. So far you are the only youtube reviewer who provide honest and in depth reviews about the Sickelei213. Although your review is abit late to the party which i have already purchased this piece of shit before your review came out, I became 1 of the many victims to this shit mod after being hyped up by other reviewers. But I am not blaming you for the late reviews, and I am actually very glad u came up with the review and standing up for the truth while preventing more potential Sickelei victims. Thumbs up for u bud! One of the most honest and honorable vape gear reviewers! Keep up the good work!!

  8. Daniel,

    Lembra-te acima de tudo NUCA desistas, es um lutador, um exemplo como ser humano como PORTUGUÊS, lutador, dedicado, filho da escola com honra e lealdade a verdade, a nação a bandeira, heróis do mar e nobre povo, que jamais deixaremos que a verdade não seja dita.

    FORÇA ! Tu sabes que estamos ao teu lado camarada! JAMAIS TE CALARÃO, a verdade JAMAIS SERA CALADA!

    Agora e ignorar o que não merece apreciação, já se torna demasiada publicidade , publicidade que não merecem, por isso e seguir com esse MONTE de matéria que tens DE QUALIDADE para reveres 😉 e fazer aquilo que fazes como ninguém no youtube, e na nossa comunidade de vaping mundial, que e dar a verdade DURA E CRUA tal como ela é.

    Grande Abraço, TFV8 a espera heheheheh

  9. I really, really liked the look of the sigelei 213 but needed some reviews before I actually purchased. My first warning sign was a review from Daniel on May 21, 2016 about TC which worried me. www.gearbest.com/temperature-control-mods/pp_352943/review.html?page=4
    Then while still looking for a better price and waiting for reviews of the fuchai to see if it was any different, I found Daniel’s review of the 213 and have been following the situation closely. Sigelei showing its true colours and now I won’t be purchasing anything from Sigelei for a few years until they have worked out what is more important…$$$ or customers and without the support of customers there is no $$$.
    I really didn’t think I would be purchasing anything from Smok due to TC issues etc in the past but it looks like they have listened to there customers and have fixed known issues and after Daniels review of the Smok H-Priv, I might be getting that instead of the 213. (looking for 2 batt mod with TC)
    So thank you Daniel for keeping the barstards honest with your reviews and tech specs. It helps a lot of us choose what vape gear suits our needs and unlike some other reviews that might get kickbacks for sales and free products for bias reviews at least we know your tech reports back up your statements.

    1. I had the Cuboid, decent mod but too heavy with an odd shape. I really enjoy my Eleaf iStick TC100 which is what I use most of the time lately. I just ordered the H-Priv Kit and am looking forward to that and the micro tfv4. I have NEVER owned a Sigelei and see no reason to start now.

  10. Please do not let the Sigelei conflict get to you Daniel. You have many passionate and loyal subscribers that will stand with you and vouch for your integrity as an honest reviewer. It is surprising to me just how many reviewers only extol or critique the subjective qualities of a device without any real facts to back them up. It also surprises me that after your collaboration with Sigelei on the SDNA settings, that they did not continue to look for your pre-release technical advice, unless, of course, they knew that the were over hyping a particular product and could not accept the truth. Keep up your fine work and we will remain loyal viewers amigo…………..Alaskavaper

  11. Daniel, i hope i watched your videos and reviews before i got my sigelei 213 now im having all this misfire issues. I got the smok hpriv and the smok tfv8 base on your reviews and theyre awesome as you mentioned i hope sigelei will do aomething about this issue and if younhear anything hope you can give me a shot out so i wont miss anything thanks man i will support you all the way….