Thank you Paris!!!

October 1, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 1 comment



I want to start by thanking not only who made it possible but also every single one who met in Paris during the last couple of days.


I went to vapexpo Paris not only to work on Yihi’s booth but also such as before to be again close to every single vaper who I came across, not only the ones who follow my work but every single one who shares the same or who has the same in common, the ones that changed their lives for better due to vaping.


I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by how many people recognized me and came to me to talk on that part of the world, once again it just makes me proud by helping people quit smoking and choosing better and better devices.


I will admit, that I had wonderful times not because Paris is a beautiful place, where people drive like crazy, that’s a fact, but such a great place with amazing people and so many stories shared with me, that again impressed me by how similar they where. BTW, I learned how to drive in Paris on the second day but when I got my car back in Lisbon, driving home, my wife told me to turn off the Parisian driving mode.


Vaping is definitely a smoking sensation alternative, successful but also something that puts so many people together talking like if they where long time friends just because we all share the same thing “Vaping changed our lives”.


Meanwhile in this show, I finally met Phil Busardo in person, which to me is still the best reviewer on youtube and I came to realize that we booth have so much in common, from the way we think to the way we operate and the way we do things. Finally I accomplished one of my biggest goals on this journey meeting him.


I also met Dimitris, which along with Phil and also Nick (GrimmGreen) are such a big pillar on this community and industry. Dimitris have done so many good things for this community worldwide.


I also met again Nick (GrimmGreen) who decided to interview me like if I was someone important, I like to think that we all together as a vape family are important, not just one. Nick just proved again to be another great pilar on this industry and also such a fun a and down to hearth person.


I also had the pleasure of talking and being flooded by a lot of knowledge and expertise by Mr. Zj Chen owner and main engineer behind such ground breaking technology and amazing designs and quality of Yihi.


It was also unexpected but wonderful to have Sigelei apologizing to me for their employee actions in regards of my review and was also wonderful to sit at the table with Hotcig and having them letting me know how they improved over the last months since their mistake with the first dna200 mod they placed on the market while ago. Is great to know that even coming across some fights by putting out honest reviews and facts pointing issues is making those companies to improve and listen people each time more.


I was also so amazed to meet so many Portuguese shop owners which are trying really hard to keep their business and dream of saving lives. Is refreshing to know some are still fighting to keep the doors open instead of closing them and go home.


Of course I’m not gonna lie, I loved to play the new upcoming Yihi SXmini products, and I love how Yihi made this chapter possible in my life, to me and my wife, which by being French was a great help talking in French and translating everything needed, I loved meeting Paris and every single person that talked to me, I just wished I had more time to explore and to do more things in such a wonderful city, but such as before, in the end of each day we where always so tired needing a good rest.


Once again, thank you so much everyone but just like before, those days are gone and now let’s cross the wall that I always put between working for a company and my reviews and let’s go back to the testings and reviews again 😉


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  1. That was so nice to see Daniel. You sure had a great time and I am very happy for you and your wife. Paris was a city I travelled to way back in 1971 when I was pack-sacking across Europe for 2 months. It was my favourite city in Europe. Such beauty and charm. I will never forget it. Thank you for the pics and your experiences.