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December 8, 2016 DJLsb Vapes No comments exist

GuideToVapings Best of 2016


Hello to all my fellow subscribers and followers, such as before in past years and reaching the end of the year we have the¬†GuideToVapings Best of 2016 Voting open, and I would like to take this opportunity specially having a lot of my followers here on my website to ask you not only to vote with your heart but also to ask you to vote for me on the category “Best Youtube Vape Channel for Technical” if your heart tells you so. You can also share this only by clicking one of the buttons on the bottom of this post, makes it simple.

I voted myself and of course as for other categories I reveal to you all I voted for GrimmGreen on some because and of course not only him, but he has been a great pillar on this industry and most of all a great pillar to the other reviewers as well.


Thank you so much to you all.