ECC 2016 Santa Anita LA is over

December 9, 2016 DJLsb Vapes No comments exist

ECC 2016 Santa Anita LA is over



ECC 2016 is over but i’m gonna start by saying that it blown my mind and certainly gave me really high hopes on the American Vaping Scene.


I also want to apologize for the fact that this time i wasn’t able to get enough video to do a final ECC video and I can say that it was overwhelming but good, please don’t get me wrong, overwhelming the insane amount of people recognizing and stopping me every time I walked around to talk to me and that is the main reason why I don’t have enough footage on this show.
Of course I have to thank so much to YIHI for giving me the opportunity to work with them at the booth. To me is a tremendous pleasure to work and help such amazing company guided by people which really care about the end consumer, quality and safety.


Such a pleasure to once again hangout with all of them but specially Mr. Chen the owner of YIHI and a genius.


Was also a great pleasure to be at the booth and hangout with Marshall Getto the owner of that is probably the best American customer service and repair center as well as Perry the owner of and Ed Jagla Administrator of the SXMini Brotherhood Facebook Group.


I’m Not gonna lie, this time I missed all the other great reviewers that are closer to me, like Mike Vapes, The Vapor Chronicles, VapnFagan and ST Vapes and I really want to meet Heavy Metal Vaper in the future as well.


Of course was also amazing to meet and hangout with some for the first time, with Zophie Vapes, Big Lou East Coast Reviews, Grimm Green and Ruby Roo and to finally meet other genius in person, George from Innokin.


Once again I was blessed to have the opportunity to be at such an amazing and crowded show, for the first time also a show outdoors as well, and blessed to meet and talk with hundreds if not thousands of people that follow me, and is a pleasure to me to be able to provide the type of content that they all like to have from me.


I can only hope better and better and that you all my American Brothers and sisters successfully beat all the silly regulations.


I’m not gonna say goodbye, but, see you all and much more on the next one…