BOSS3000 Review is done but apparently there’s things to address…

December 27, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 5 comments

BOSS3000 Review is done but apparently there’s things to address…



Oh well, let’s address here a few things.




The Vaporized Nomads BOSS 3000 review was done and posted, let’s move forward did you? Well apparently not, apparently we have to stay stuck to the device and the company in some shape or form because there’s not more devices on queue to be reviewed… Wrong


I’m going to remember how I do things, how I always did things. The way I look to any device and when I say any device is really any device is always the same, I always focus myself on the product and nothing else and in the case of the boss3000 to be honest I’m pretty sure I didn’t even watched others reviews 1st because to me was just another DNA device and 2nd because lately I don’t have a lot of time to watch more then 5% of the videos that I drop on the queue of videos to watch also because I’m doing so much for so many companies now behind the scenes that take so much time from me and my family but I will get into that later.


The way I do my full reviews are all by myself and with the information I get from the questions I make to the manufacturer which in this case weren’t reply’d anymore, wait, apparently I’m not alone but let’s talk about that later.


In this case like some others I received at least 1 email of someone who actually owns the boss3000 that I reply’d saying, I don’t wan’t to discuss anything other then my own experience with the device at least till the review is released.


So you all can see that I even disconnect myself from the world if needed till I finish a review again based on my own experiences and facts I acquire testing the device I have in front of me, not anyone else experiences nor anyone else device, because I don’t care about the others but about what I have in front of me, which can of course reflect someone’s experience out there.


Could the review have been better? Sure but I think was as balanced as any other review I do, with a few cons but also a few pro’s did I hide any pro’s so the cons could sound worse? Hell no, as always, I always try to come up with more pro’s when a device has so many cons because I like the review to be balanced and each one should make a decision based on which pro’s and which cons they really care about.


Which other alternatives I had, can someone tell me? Lying?

Of course if the other reviewers, which I truly care about, had better devices or better experiences they had better reviews, are they wrong? No. Am I wrong? No. No one is wrong by expressing their own opinions or facts about something they have on their hands, Was inevitable the amount of people now bashing them just because they are trying to go only with my point of view based again on my experience which again is my own experience, which is wrong, yes, of course I never thought about that but thinking better now, yes was inevitable, knowing the human being, shit happened which is nothing different in my opinion then giving a Chinese device a con for button rattle and then having offensive comments like “Stop hating on Chinese devices because I brought mine and is solid doesn’t rattle” (this comment is real letter by letter).


What can the other reviewers do? Nothing other then be upset with all the hate comments and possibly upset with me.


What could I do? Nothing other then the same type of review I always do, is the way I always did, and the way people follow me for, but let’s do a Poll in the end of this post to see if someone wants me to change.


What I expect from a mod company when I give cons which again are based on what I have in front of me, nothing other then learning, re-evaluating things that are wrong on the business or on the company fix all the issues, learn with the mistakes and move on, keep growing, what Vaporized Nomads have done? They don’t assume anything and still they prefer to keep being childish instead of spending that time addressing the flaws and providing that amazing customer service they claim. Oh talking about amazing customer service that is justified on the price, did I mentioned that now I look like the Vaporized Nomads wall of lamentations with actual boss3000 owners, emailing and messaging me, unsatisfied and with issues and seeing their emails not being reply’d, their comments on videos and live shows being deleted and JC or AC jumping on them harassing them and calling trolls and haters, heir accounts on Facebook being removed from the group and being blocked… But again I’m not hating on an American business, because I love America as much as I love my country, well may not be true, I think I actually like America better then Europe but anyway, I would never base myself on the fact that is an American company like I never did for any and I can say that it is an American Company yes, but one of the messages I got from an unsatisfied customer actually came from Europe, so we can say the issues with their products may be across the globe. But let’s stop talking about their childish attitudes some of them will be on the bottom of this post and let’s forget the company exists for a moment because to be honest right now it stinks and sticks even more how I’m still spending my precious time with a review that is done, uploaded and part of the past to me instead of spending this time on the next review because the queue is huge and some things deserve a review if not more.


With all of that say’d, does this mean I was wrong, NO. Does this mean the other reviewers where wrong, NO. Does this mean you are wrong if you got a good device, NO. Does this mean is normal for people to start bashing all the other reviewers which did the same exact thing I did by being honest with what they have in front of them, HELL FUC…. NO.


What’s the meaning of all this??? Ask that to yourself… Isn’t awesome that we all have something in common? The fact that we don’t smoke anymore, that is the most important thing.


Other then that all the reviewers had their role to make that happen in the same way I have my role making or helping or pushing companies to make things better, can you look at 1 year ago the amount of junk we had on the market? Can you recognize how good are most of the things we have now 1 year later?


Does anybody imagine what I do behind the scenes with so many companies spending most of the times the 24 hours of the day without sleeping beta testing devices helping as much companies as I can and in the end finding the time to still be able to provide you all good content, still have time to go on as much live shows as I can because I consider the other reviewers my family and I love them, still have time to reply to most comments and most messages as I can and still have time to deal with advocacy subjects EU related and have ZERO time to my family.


Do you guys realize that I left my job at the NAVY where I worked 6 hours a day 5 days a week to do this and have basically no life and no heath in a couple of months drinking so much coffee, so many energy drinks and so many beers to stay awake, energized and with sense of humor. And don’t think I will never leave this and go back, just so you all know, I don’t need this, I don’t need a life where I barely feed my family, where I barely sleep, just because I love doing this and I love helping this community just because vaping saved my life and can save many others, for the next 10 years I can go back to my job at the navy and resume my normal life.


On top of all of that, Can you guys imagine how I find the time to fly hours and hours to at least 1 convention a month to work at a company booth to help them with the main purpose of meeting all of you my followers, and talk to all of you?


Now some haters may start the same accusations over and over again saying I work for some companies, yes that’s true, I work and I worked for a few companies but one thing is clear, the work I have with those companies or on a vape show or by helping them beta testing their products does not cross the wall that is present between that and what goes up on my channel, and even if I feel a relationship becoming closer, even helping that company beta testing their product I decide to not review it and I distance myself. That’s the way I roll. Now some may say “you are just hating on DNA devices because you help the others or you receive royalties from the others” to that I will tell you all something that to some people is nothing new, I helped and I still help companies configuring DNA PCB’s on their devices like the SMY SDNA75 and a few others and I’m also on the Evolv BETA forum, just don’t ask me about eScribe because Python computer language is not for me.

All the issues with DNA40, DNA200 and DNA75 boards are well known, just use google and you will see hundreds if not thousands of cases of boards just dying from nothing.


With that being say’d do I mean I’m perfect, hell no, do I mean I don’t commit mistakes, absolutely not, I’m just trying to help this industry like everybody else me using my electronics formation.


Now to the ones that are feeling the need to express their feelings and opinions about this situation, just don’t, you guys have nothing to express and nothing else to do other then continuing being yourselves, I am the one with the need to solve what ever relationship was damaged with all the hate comments. To the other reviewers I can only say sorry for the hate you all got from people that don’t read my warning and recommendations at the beginning of my videos, and to the ones that keep saying and keep making excuses by saying I should get in a room with Vaporized Nomads, just no, stop right there, no offense but was just a review, I did all the questions I had to do prior to the review they stopped replying, now I need a room to sort what with them, nothing, the device was sent to me to review, I did my job, done, let’s move on to the next one, that’s the way I do things and I don’t need anything more to be sorted, I need to keep spending my time with the next products that now apparently also want to give us music other then vapor.


Again this is the way I do things, the way I always did, it doesn’t mean the others are doing wrong, it just means we are all different and we all have a different roll on this industry, and ultimately on some products we may also receive different things or different quality on the same product but what makes us stronger is how even being all different we came together as a family, as a really big family, and by we I mean me and the other reviewers, that I really care about and I love as my real close friends so I won’t tolerate the attacks and hate against them just because a difference of opinions or device in our hands.


Ultimately here is a Poll for you to vote if you like the way I do things, if I should try to change or if I should pack my things and go back to my last job because in the end of the day everyone is forgetting the most important thing that other then fighting about something is the fact that most of us where able to save our lives by not smoking anymore…


Express your own Opinion about me



PS: I care so much about them as a company like every other company and I don’t wish them nothing bad at all, I even try’d to help them a couple of weeks ago when they where complaining about faulty DNA boards replacements, I wish them everything good for the future



5 Comments on “BOSS3000 Review is done but apparently there’s things to address…

  1. Daniel,

    I have been around long enough in life to recognize a ‘class act’ when I see one. In my opinion, because of the technical nature of any electronic device, it is very important to get into the quality of manufacture as well as the reliability and aesthetics of a product. Because of your clear, demonstrated love of vaping, as a way to help smokers quit their use of the deadly effect of combustible tobacco products on health and the fact that you are willing to devote a large part of your life to the in-depth reviewing of products that vapers need to be aware of, in this very competitive market of devices, that is the reason that I put you in the top rank of YouTube reviewers I follow. Since your technical skill and knowledge has been a great part of your in-depth product reviews and because of this skill, you are able to identify problems that most reviewers are not able to identify, you can easily become the target of criticism and occasionally hate from those that do not have your particular commitment to evidence and truth.

    Please Daniel, try not to take this criticism and controversy surrounding the Boss 3000 review too personally. The issues are transient and may well help to make the Vaporized Nomads devices even better products after all this has shaken out. It makes me sad for you that you have had to spend time defending you position, when haters who use foul language and personal attacks against you, do so just because they happen to disagree with the evidence that you put forward into the public domain. Some folks just do not want to accept that there may be any problems in products that they have spent their hard earned money on. If any other reviewers cast aspersions on you because you do not share their own views, that goes much more to their own characters than to your own. Keep on pursuing evidence and truth Daniel and you will continue to have a loyal following of people that respect truth and evidence over hype and hyperbole.

    Sincere appreciation for your contribution to vaping and to the high standards all reviewers should aspire to.


  2. Daniel, on my part, you should keep doing what you do and express your opinions in whatever thing you are testing. You should not change an ounce because your work is something unvaluable for us, users, that really want to have a more in depth look at vaping. You are doing great work and f*ck off all those naysayers.

    Best regards

  3. As soon as i recieved the notification about this page, I sat down and watched the review on the LOSS3000* mod. Having also watched the Sigelie* 213 review, I must say that the review for the LOSS3000* was actually A LOT LESS STERN. That said, I can’t understand (actually I do, it’s just a figure of speech) how a company that wants to call themselves serious can behave like a 16-year old internet troll.

    Daniel, in my opinion and advice just put a big X (aka totally and eternally ignore) on both Immaturized Nomads* and Sigelie* and get on with your life.
    These companies have both shown that they do NOT intend to improve their products and their marketikg strategy lies on deception, cover-up and bullying. Therefore, spending energy on their behalf is just an excercise to futility and a waste of time.

    Please keep up doing reviews the way you do. Stick to your principles; don’t let them make you frustrated and disappointed. They try to make you so, because they CAN’T TOUCH YOU!

    * : All puns intended and premeditated.
    (In case some “wise-guy” feels the insatiable urge to pop up and call the puns trolling, let me clarify it first: IT’S CALLED SARCASM. Look it up. GIYF.)

  4. One more thing, Why did you stop testing mods’ TC with dry resistance (loaded with cotton or not)? That was a great way to show if a TC on a mod is actually real (like with most YiHi and DNA) or fake (just like with a certain “213” mod). I’d like to see a video that actually does the same thing with a lot of different mods.

    1. Thanks, yes I still test TC the same exact way but showing the results on Charts because people have been asking me to cut the length of the videos so I’m compressing everything in a way easier to digest by having all the tests in Charts