Accused of Buying What?

April 28, 2018 DJLsb Vapes 9 comments

Accused of Buying What?


All right, so based on consistent and recurring accusations from somebody who has done nothing but attacking and playing people against each other, attacking me and accusing me of buying subscribers based on a platform who has given so much inaccurate information here is my response.


I’m not going to call out any names as I don’t want to give any publicity to those people, but the main person accusing me of such, has shown a profound hate for my person many times in the past initially questioning my work and weather or not my tests on devices where to be followed.

Same person who hated for so long the fact that many other reviewers were constantly talking about me on their videos for more technical information on products, would this be a reason for what he is doing to me just to discredit me to the eyes of the other reviewers, I don’t know.

The fact is, I never asked any of the reviewers to recommend me as a technical reference channel in their reviews, but I do appreciate every single one of them doing so, as that made me who I am and placed me where I’m at today. I’m extremely GRATEFUL for that.

Same exact person who tried to discredit me to other shops because let’s be honest here, my videos are clean, and full of technical knowledge about every single product and that the reason why they play all day in many different shops around the world.

Same exact person who took parts, just parts, of a private, older conversation, worded in his benefit to again turn some other reviewers against me.

Now, just so you understand, I’m a reviewer who always re-invests most of my earnings and savings back into the channel to always have the best equipment in order to give more information and better video quality.

A month ago I did the biggest change in my life, moving to the United States, where I spent a ton more and I literally emptied my savings.

I have absolutely no reason to do what I’m being accused of.

Plus, I generally don’t even care about my numbers, I care about waking up everyday to be able to make the next review even if that takes anywhere between 10 to 18 hours of my day. That’s all I care about, providing everybody the best content and the most accurate information about these products.

Anyone who tells me my channel hasn’t been play’d by the same exact person, who looks like has a lot of money to spend. Yes that’s right, anybody can use those services to buy subscribers to no matter the channel, it looks like you don’t need to own such channel to do that to somebody.

Talking about this, there’s something else needed, right? Money

And that’s the reason why I already defended myself to big names and some reviewers in this industry by exposing all my bank and PayPal accounts. Yes I know I shouldn’t need to defend myself that much, but I felt like doing so, and nowhere on my bank accounts can you see any money spent on anything else but my regular expenses and groceries.

On top of that, such accusations actually gave me a new mission in my life, to go after those services when they get in contact with us offering their services, by engaging a conversation with them and then exposing them straight to youtube, as seen here: 

Furthermore, I keep constant and close contact with my youtube manager talking about all kinds of situations related to youtube, and I was probably one of the first reviewers around the same subscriber count to ask them to audit my channel in order to guarantee everything was good with it. This is the reason why I got my fully verified badge, which means that the channel was audited and meets the rules.

At the end of the day I only care about the fact that youtube will always keep the organic growth and real subscribers and dump whatever may have been purchased by somebody just to make me look bad and confirm their accusations.

Another way to see things is by comments as comments can only come from real subscribers, real people, right? Perfect example with reviews I’ve done on hot products such as the Pulse BF 80W or even the Wotofo Recurve RDA, so you can count and see the amount of comments on those reviews and compare to other people’s reviews on the same products. Compare comment count and you will see that for example the Pulse BF 80W mod review got way more comments then pretty much every other review done on the same product, even after the giveaway closed it kept getting views and comments.

I don’t hold any grudge towards anybody who may have thought I was doing such shady things to my channel that took so much time and energy from me over the years.

Remember, same exact channel that already received the 100k subscribers youtube plaque, when youtube audits the channel at that point and specifically states on the terms of service: “Creator Awards are given at YouTube’s sole discretion and we only recognize creators that have played by the rules. Each channel is reviewed before an award is issued to keep the playing field fair. That means rewarding creators that keep their accounts in good standing without copyright strikes, community guideline violations, or artificially increased subscriber counts, among other criteria.”

Following is some proof that social blade is inaccurate with their numbers on every single day:



Now remember, this is just a small part of the picture, as youtube at this point is not my only job.

I’m constantly a part of R&D for different products and hired for Beta Testing, to make sure you, the consumer gets better and better products.

9 Comments on “Accused of Buying What?

  1. Unfortunately my Avitar won’t upload. Morten Oen envies you. He’s so envious, as a review outside of the U.S. He want’s to BE you. His videos are hideous. Slow, and boring. Really. So slow. And, he’s full of himself. Look at his demeanor! He’s got a clan of followers that he’s probably promised something to do this this to you. Crystal WarElk is also criticizing you, although is giving you the benefit of the doubt. Daniel, I have dealt with allll kinds of people in my profession. Choose your battles. This one, in my opinion, is just a disgruntled, envious reviewer who wishes he were you! Let it slide over your head and continue to move on. They aren’t worth your time. You ow NO ONE any explanation. However, you did a very good job in doing so. Your time is worth money. Don’t waste it on shit like this. oxo

  2. I’just read this to realize that I’m really behind on my subscription. But, tbe fact remains is that Im a real follower of real people who give facts and honest opnions of what I find important in my life which in this case is Vaping. So keep you head up high. You’re doing better than the others and soon will be the best in what you do. Cheers!