Giveaway Winners!!!

December 1, 2018 DJLsb Vapes 2 comments

Giveaway Winners!!!


Sorry for the delay but I couldn’t do this while I was gone in Vegas.

Here are the winners for the previous week youtube giveaways:


2 x STARSS ICON: Allan Jakobsen

G.R.1 PRO RDA: Rob K

G.R.1 PRO RDA: John Chan

G.R.1 PRO RDA: Rick Cune

G.R.1 PRO RDA: Jeenes

Laan Lite: david h

Laan Lite: Bob Bruce

SMOK MAG Grip: sushil singh

Wotofo Serpent RTA: My Vaping Place

Vivismoke Premium Vape Tool Kit: Tommygunn Vapes


Congratulations to the Winners!!!
Email me at with the title of this video on the subject line, and include a picture of your ID card or drivers license as well as your full address.
If you are my Patreon, include your Patreon name in the same email and shipping is free.
If you are not my Patreon, shipping fee is $8 within the USA, $28 if you live outside of the USA.

All prizes non claimed for 20 days will be given to other winners or Patrons on Patreon.

Thank You

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