Just a test and sorry for the time the site was down

October 28, 2016 DJLsb Vapes 13 comments

This is just a test after the massive atack to my website the last days, I had to hire a company to fix the website because after 2 days with almost no sleep I realized fixing it was beyond my knowledge…

The last days I haven’t done nothing but being attacked in so many different forms, right now I start to question if this people really care about the Vaping community I’m completely tired desesperante and feeling alone, might need some huge rest…

13 Comments on “Just a test and sorry for the time the site was down

  1. I am sending you a virtual hug now! This could be personal or from Corporation instigated. I hope you the best. So sad you are being attacked as you do so much for us to know the products.

  2. Honestly WordPress and Joomla CMS sites are always targeted for attacks and vulnerabilities. I’m a developer that works with both platforms and a month doesn’t go by that I don’t have to deal with some sort of hacking or hacking attempt. However with your high profile it may be likely that you were targeted. I wish you the best Daniel and hope you get everything resolved and locked down. Get some rest!

  3. Really sorry to hear this Daniel. There are some fucking strange cretinous bastards out there. If it’s corporate, it’s cos you’re doing your job and they can’t be arsed to do theirs properly. If it’s not it’s some weirdo with way to much time on its hands. Probably done it all from his mums basement.

  4. this is what happens when you speak the truth daniel.its not liked by the big fish jn the pond,keep it real as always hope you get things sorted and the vaping community needs guys like you honest to the bone.