Final Statement in response of “Official Letter for Arthur Stab Wood Mod to All of Our Customers” by Arctic Dolphin

February 9, 2017 DJLsb Vapes 3 comments

Final Statement in response of “Official Letter for Arthur Stab Wood Mod to All of Our Customers” by Arctic Dolphin


The arctic Dolphin letter can be found HERE

1st: Regarding me mentioning devices reading the resistance off, is by having the device reading the same fixed loads I use for every single device, and I always mention when a device reads the resistances off but if is not too much off I always say is not a big deal.

2nd: Yes the way I calculate the output power is IN FACT the way to properly calculate the power output with the output voltage under load, when you test a device properly as I do with attached industrial resistors which don’t change in resistance at all, don’t even question my methods there when, they are the same methods as with any other mod and only yours is wrong.

3rd: Yes some mods not all are going to provide less or way less then what they are advertised when they aren’t capable of doing better boosting or when you program the mod only to count with 4.2V input voltage, solution for that, program a better mod to use the boost circuitry more or less accordingly to the input voltage, if that voltage changes the mod has to re-adapt, if you are not skilled enough to build or program those calculations into the mod, well maybe you should advertise the mod for the maximum wattage the user gets with the lowest battery condition, advertise the mod as an 35W mod and would be ok.

4th: Regarding TC measurements don’t even question me on that when it is once again the same method I apply on all the other way more accurate mods on the market and I don’t test never once, I test 3 times each coil and I go with average and when I see too far apart results sometimes i test a 4th or a 5th time. And the inaccurate TC was felt on the vape by other reviewers as well.

5th: Using an oscilloscope is not the proper way to test something??? What??? Do I even have to pronounce myself to that crap? Once again, the signal everyone see’s on scope matches 100% the up and down TC experience once again other reviewers I talk with felt as well and will match the experience of every vaper who try’s this device in TC, plus that was the same exact complaint on all arctic dolphin past mods.

As a side note I will say, don’t come with those useless statements almost trying to prove you are right and all the other great mod companies are wrong, when all the other great mod manufacturers are the majority and they put out consistent tested devices, you are not only offending me and my tests but also offending all the other companies making it right.

And this is my final statement, learn and improve if you wish, or don’t do nothing if you prefer not to, but as it stands, my time is precious and I will not spend any more of my time around a review that is made, released and done on my book, I have way more work ahead…

3 Comments on “Final Statement in response of “Official Letter for Arthur Stab Wood Mod to All of Our Customers” by Arctic Dolphin

  1. Daniel, I don’t know if I agree or disagree with you on this (although I’m inclined to agreeing based on past experience with your videos).
    But man, you really need to work your english syntax and punctuation. Especially the punctuation. Screw auto correction; use Mark 1 Eyeball !! 😛