Buying Subscribers & Views

April 8, 2018 DJLsb Vapes 4 comments

Buying Subscribers & Views


There has been a lot of misconception and a lot of accusations thrown between people in this community in regards to buying fake exposure. Well today let me expose a little bit of what I have been doing behind the scenes.


Such as myself, many other content creators are also bombarded with companies like this selling what we are talking about, whether or not some use those services, I’m not here to judge or point any fingers, but to help youtube going against them.


So here is an example of one company that I already exposed:


This company approached me thru’ Skype and I developed this long conversation with them so I could have them exposing all they do.


Luckily all my contacts with youtube have been pretty helpful and showing they are trying to hunt those services down and appreciative for people like me whop let them know and provide them evidence.


Here is one of the responses I got from Youtube:



It is our Mission as content creators to help to keep youtube clean and fair for everybody and I’m glad to help.


4 Comments on “Buying Subscribers & Views

  1. Yo that’s crazy. That wouldn’t even make sense to do. I didn’t even think that was possible. I gained alot of subscribers which half of them subscribed just to spite me, don’t even like me so that’s dumb to pay for that. All that mess is a scam 4real.

  2. Wow that’s insane. Daniel, I would like to thank you for keeping it true, and as always providing true in depth, and very helpful reviews. I always look to see what you have to say about a product before I spend my money on whatever it may be. Thanks again for keeping it real. Vape on buddy