510 Connectors Length and Depth

Here you can find the lists and all the information in regards of the different Devices and different Atomizers 510 connectors in order to better choose both as well as the most common lengths.

Please share your thoughts, ideas, opinions and specially bad experiences of devices ruined by different length atomizers down bellow, to have some impact and to show to companies how they should fix certain dimensions and how they should do everything with the same 510 dimensions...

I will maintain this page updated with all the Devices and Atomizers I came across.

Devices 510 Length in mm

On this sheet you can find the Minimum Length, Maximum Length and Throw on the spring loaded positive pin of the 510 connector on the devices I came across.

Atomizers 510 Length in mm

On this sheet you can find the 510 connector Length of the negative threads, Length of the positive center pin and the difference between both on the atomizers I came across.


Most Common Devices 510 Length in mm

On this sheet you can find the most common Length between all the devices I measured.


Most Common Atomizers 510 Length in mm

On this sheet you can find the most common Length between all the atomizers I measured.


Graph 1 - Devices Maximum Length (Higher Better)

This Graph represents all the devices measured and as higher the bar better for compatibility.


Graph 2 -Atomizers Minimum Positive Contact Length (Lower Better)

This Graph represents all the atomizers measured and as lower the bar better for compatibility.


Graph 3 -Atomizers Positive Contact Length Difference (Higher Better for Hybrid Mech Mods)

This Graph represents all the atomizers measured in terms of how much the positive contact protrudes from the negative threads and as higher the bar better for safety using them on Hybrid Mech mods.

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    1. This is the first step to a bigger cause, trying to get all the companies doing their 510 connectors the same size and having them including for example an adicional pin for hybrid mods for people to change it.

  1. This is exactly what I wanted to know. I only have one high powered mod(joytech cuboid) and have had it two weeks with no problemsI. I have 1 rda(tobacco torque) and 1 tank( triton 2) and both seem to work fine. I Read some reviews about atomizer shortage. This might have been caused by cranking tank down to hard damaging the 510 connector. Anyways I’ve been looking in to different rtas and was not sure which one to get. Griffen 22 mm rta seems like it will fit the cuboid with no issues. Thanks again for the time you put into your website and videos.

    1. I have both the Joytech Cuboid and the Griffin rta. I have had no problems, the Griffin does not sit perfectly flush to the mod, just an almost unnoticeable space between them. Just be careful with the grub screws on the Griffin, they strip at the allan key easily. But geekvape was great about getting more replacements out to me quickly.

  2. Thank you Daniel. Your information is always very helpful in making decisions concerning vape product one might want to purchase. This issue of not having an industry standard for 510 connections is one important variable that should be easily adopted by manufacturers. The lack of a standard has caused damage to some mods and dissatisfaction of many device buyers when they purchaser a tank, RDA, etc that does either not make good contact or does not sit flush and secure on a mod. Magnifying this issue will hopefully cause the vaping industry to change. All of us in this community will benefit from your efforts amigo.

  3. Well I was going to suggest that companies make tanks and RDAs with either protruding 510 pins or additional pin so that people don’t keep venting their batteries but I see that is one of your intentions. Excellent job.

  4. Great job once again Daniel, really do appreciate all that you do on your reviews and shows. Why oh why cant the manufactures standardise the the 510 connection? I have a lot of mods and tanks with different length pins and apertures and its a real pain, its horrible to have that gap between the tank and mod and it also makes the tank unstable leaving the 510 connection vulnerable to damage. In the past I’ve had to make spacer washers but just recently I’ve found these to bridge the gap. www.fasttech.com/product/2173201

  5. Thanks a million, Daniel – this is a great step in perhaps forcing (embarrassing) the manufacturers into working towards some common standards. My RX200 is basically toast since I made the mistake of running my SMOK TVF4 on it for a few weeks. The “spring” loaded pin on the 510 connector is pretty much useless now. I have read many posts in various forums discussing the possible fixes and passing blame back and forth between the manufacturers and users needing to become better informed. But if the average consumer who is trying to stop smoking tobacco suddenly experiences equipment failure because they failed to research the geek-level threading, post lengths, throw, etc., they will just toss the vape gear aside and go out and buy a pack of cigarettes (let alone giving various national governments yet one more reason to control the industry in order to protect the consumer). Again, thank you.

  6. Sadly the Eleaf Istick TC 100 is missing. I am assuming it is the same as the TC40 and my Kanger STM’s fit. I think. Hate to pull the trigger on a couple and have to use my vinyl washers like on my VTCmini’s. My SX’s work great and my RX200 works also but it is not very springy so don’t know how it will work with my Griffin 25’s I have coming.

  7. Hey! Great list you compiled here.
    I am new to vaping, but did a few hours of research and settled on buying a SMOK quantum – Geekvape Eagle combo. Must say it’s problematic.

    Only after setting them up and trying to vape thus getting the “atomizer short” error would I search for something like the height of the 510 male on the atomizer.
    I’m struggling by rotating the eagle one degree clockwise, one counterclockwise, after I’ve let it settle for around 10-15 minutes; getting the error more than puffing, it’s crazy!

    I too wish that the manufacturer’s would at least consider sharing the lenght/ depth intervals so that we could fit the gadgets together… how was I supposed to know they would not work?